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ADHD Right To Choose

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

adhd right to choose

Choice. Remains a great British value.

You not only exercise your right of choice during elections but also with your health. If you consider yourself to be neurologically divergent such as ADHD.

It may benefit you to exercise this right as you may not easily get your ADHD diagnosis as fast as you want. Leaving you undiagnosed and thus untreated condition.

Do you feel you have ADHD? Do you need help using your right to choose a facility? Then click here to start your ADHD journey with us now

Your Unique ADHD Journey, Your Call

The truth is that the NHS is not going to attend to the myriads of ADHD diagnosis requests they currently have overnight.

Depending on how feel about your condition, you have the right to choose how fast and where you get treated if you have never been treated for ADHD before.

Only those who were already treated by an NHS consultant, might not be able to exercise this right.

Except on rare conditions they were previously treated for another condition like autism and now feel they have ADHD. On this basis, they may still be able to exercise their ADHD right to choose.

After all, ADHD is a co-morbid condition. Meaning it can co-exist with other conditions such as autism.

Start your ADHD journey with us now using your right to choose.

Private Practice: A Beacon of Tailored Care

Private centres, like Dr J & Colleagues, offer a beacon of hope for many.

With our tailored care, and very compassionate yet professional doctors and rated highly by previous patients. We will help you start and go through your ADHD journey in the best possible ways there are.

It’s like having a GPS specifically calibrated to your journey, guiding you through fog and sunshine alike.

Start Your ADHD Right To Choose Journey

It's 2023, and the ADHD narrative is changing.

It’s moving from hushed whispers in dimly lit rooms to empowered conversations. And at the heart of this shift? Is the right to choose. Empowering you to take the next step towards your ADHD journey.

So, maybe it's time to take the challenge to begin your ADHD journey using your ADHD right-to-choose facility.

We are happy to walk you through the process and get you started if you call us or drop us a note in our email here now

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