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Dr. John Champeney

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. John Champeney.jpg

Dr. John Champeney: Experienced Consultant Psychiatrist with a Holistic Approach to Mental Health

Dr. John Champeney is not only a distinguished consultant psychiatrist but also brings a unique perspective from his initial career in civil engineering. Having undergone rigorous medical training at St Georges University of London, he was captivated by the nuances of human happiness, propelling him to specialize in psychiatry.

His holistic approach emphasizes the profound impact of social factors on mental well-being. While Dr. Champeney acknowledges the undeniable benefits of medication, he believes that optimal mental health is a byproduct of a life rich in purpose and fulfillment.

Understanding the uniqueness of every individual, Dr. Champeney prioritizes personalized consultation, crafting advice tailored to an individual's aspirations, strengths, and personality. He is profoundly driven by a commitment to ensuring each patient leads a well-balanced and enriched life.

For his personal growth and well-being, Dr. Champeney delves into philosophy and remains passionate about cycling and motorcycling. His particular fondness for motocross and dirt-bikes showcases a life that harmoniously blends professional expertise with personal passions.

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