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Independent Prescriber

I graduated from Silesian Medical University in 2003 with a Masters in Pharmacy. I completed my Independent Prescribing studies at University of Suffolk in 2017 and was awarded the Practice Certificate in Independent Prescribing, qualifying me to prescribe medications independently.

I am certified as an Advanced ADHD Pharmacy Practitioner with the ADHD 360 Academy in 2023. I am dedicated to providing complete care and support to individuals facing daily challenges of living with ADHD. My expertise lies in applying my pharmaceutical knowledge to treat ADHD. I aim to create a safe and supportive space where individuals can freely express their challenges and find the support needed to help navigate their struggles. I find supporting women struggling with ADHD the most rewarding.

I'm regulated by the GPhC and actively participate in CPD (continued professional development) activities. I comply with yearly requirements to submit my records for revalidation. I keep up to date and continuously reflect on my scope of practice, always seeking to learn and continually improve my knowledge. I direct my own reading and learning to articles and research in areas where I recognise my personal need to further enhance my knowledge.

The most rewarding aspect of my job is witnessing the positive impact interventions can make to transform daily functioning and overall well-being. This gives me a deep sense of gratification and motivates me to continue providing exceptional care.

Outside my professional working life, I have a range of interests: I am a big fan of winter sports and a passionate scuba diver, I enjoy long walks, travelling, exploring nature and spending time with my twin daughters and two cats.

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