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Dr Shehzad Malik


Graduating in 2011 with a Master's in Pharmacy from a prestigious institution, Dr Shehzad Malik laid a robust foundation for his distinguished career. His journey advanced significantly in 2015, when he completed his independent prescribing qualification, further solidifying his expertise.

Dr Malik's experience is diverse and dynamic, encompassing roles in community pharmacy, GP surgeries, and as a lead COVID vaccinator. Additionally, he co-runs a successful aesthetics clinic with his wife, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit. His commitment to healthcare extends to his work at the out-of-hours urgent care centre (111), where he applies his skills in a high-pressure environment.

Specializing in Adult ADHD, Dr Malik brings a personal and professional dedication to this field. His work is driven by a profound understanding of ADHD's impact, shaped by witnessing its challenges in close acquaintances. This empathy is reflected in his approach to patient care, particularly in ADHD clinics, where he's observed the transformative power of correct treatment.

As a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), Dr Malik upholds the highest standards of professional ethics. He is deeply committed to continuous professional development, ensuring that his practice remains at the forefront of the field. This commitment includes staying abreast of the latest advancements in ADHD, participating in training events, and fulfilling yearly CPD requirements.

For Dr Malik, personal growth is as crucial as professional advancement. He is dedicated to constantly enhancing his knowledge and skills in ADHD care, ensuring that he provides the highest standard of treatment to his patients.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Dr Malik has a deep passion for sports. He regularly engages in gym workouts and plays football, demonstrating a commitment to personal fitness and teamwork. His life is joyfully balanced with quality family time, especially with his two children, who add immense joy and fulfilment to all his endeavours.

Dr Shehzad Malik
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