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Dr Sunil Kumar

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sunil Kumar has extensive experience as Consultant Psychiatrist both in

NHS and within the private and independent sector.

His practice is based on ethical and values of patient centred care. DR Kumar is a member of Royal College of Psychiatrists and is on the specialist

register with the General Medical Council. He also holds a Diploma in

Clinical Psychiatry from Ireland and a certificate in Ethics from University

of Oxford.

Dr Sunil Kumar believes each person is unique and their mental health

challenges need a more empathic person-centred approach than a medical

model. As a member of British Association of Psychopharmacology, he has

strong background in psychopharmacology as well as received training in

the delivery of psychotherapeutic interventions. His clinical practice is

tailored to individual's values and context, with a combination of insight

orientated psychotherapy and complemented with appropriate medications

to help patients to cope with the mental health challenges at present but

also integrate resilience skills to sustain longer term recovery.

His primary interest includes mood disorders (Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar

Illness) and Personality disorders. He is very passionate about service

delivery challenges of the neurodevelopmental conditions, especially that

of ASD/ ADHD in adult population and its long-term impact on the people

and society. He is certified by UK Adult ADHD Network (UKAAN) in the

diagnosis and management of ADHD in Adults and also holds a Diploma in

ADHD studies.

He strongly believes the interface of newly emerging innovations in

technological fields along with the developments in Neurosciences will

revolutionise our understanding of mental health conditions and their

treatment in the coming years.

Dr Sunil Kumar
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