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Queen Isichei


Since initiating my focus on ADHD in 2018 with a randomized controlled trial at HMP ISIS guided by Professor Asherton, I have significantly developed my expertise in adult ADHD. As a proactive member of the General Pharmaceutical Council, I am dedicated to delivering superior care and positively influencing my patients' lives.

My career has been filled with rewarding experiences, especially those that have allowed me to markedly improve a patient's quality of life. My passion for my work drives my commitment to continuous learning and skill enhancement. I actively keep up-to-date with the latest research, participate in supervisory meetings, and engage in peer reviews to further my professional knowledge.

The most inspiring aspect of my role is the opportunity to connect personally with patients, gaining insights that enrich both my professional and personal growth. I am proud to offer tailored care and support, striving to help individuals with Adult ADHD realize their potential.

My primary goal is to provide compassionate and effective care to those dealing with Adult ADHD, supporting them in navigating their challenges and reaching their highest potential.

Queen Isichei
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