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Private Psychiatrist Yorkshire and the Humber

Looking for a private psychiatrist in York and the Humber or closeby areas on the east coast of Northern England? Get in touch with Dr J and Colleagues! 


Here at Dr J and Colleagues, we are one of the most trusted providers of mental services in the Humber area. As an independent medical clinic, we specialise in services such as outpatient psychiatric consultation for ADHD and other conditions. 


It is our belief that one’s healthy lifestyle is incomplete without an even balance between physical and mental wellness. Your mental health does not only deserve the best care but also needs proper dieting, regular exercise and routine checkups. 


Our private psychiatric services in York and The Humber are delivered by some of the most experienced and committed, as well as extensively certified mental health experts in the United Kingdom. All our specialists are fully certified, well experienced and licensed to ensure that the best care is rendered to just about anyone that gets in touch with us.


Dr J and colleagues have had many consultations in the Humber with amazing reviews. And we would love to be part of your journey. We offer an array of services for a number of conditions, and our team has been instrumental in helping individuals across the Humber community. 


We take pride in providing bespoke, personalised and quality care for all your mental needs. With a vision to democratise mental health services, we make everything from neuropsychological assessments to evidence-based treatments derived from in-depth research and actionable insights.


No matter what the challenge is, we are always here to help! 


Get in touch with us today


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