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Doctor's Desk


1.            Outpatient consultations take place at NW Counselling Hub, Lincoln. Dr Jajawi is unable to offer inpatient, emergency or crisis treatment.

2.           The initial consultation fee is £350.00 (1 hour), follow-up appointments are charged at £175.00 (30 minutes). Full payment is expected 3 days prior to the appointment and can be settled by debit or credit card by phone with Dr Jajawi’s secretary, online, or by cash (card details are required to secure your appointment). Fees are inclusive of a clinic assessment letter to your GP, a private prescription (if needed), further requests and referrals to investigation request/s e.g. blood tests, scans etc. NHS GPs and other NHS services usually agree to carry these out, if they decline, you may need to fund further investigations privately.

3.            Cancellation policy: 

Cancellations more than 72 hours before appointment - No charge

48-72 hours before appointment - 50%

24-48 hours before appointment - 75%

Less than 24 hours before appointment - Full fee payable

Cancellations more than 72 hours before the appointment will not be charged and we are happy to refund the full prepaid session fees. 


4.           Patients with private medical insurance will need to have provided the company name (AXA/Cigna/Vitality etc.) with your policy and claim number before your appointment. Patients will be responsible for shortfalls/excess to meet the above fees. For patients funded by charities, fees will be invoiced directly.

5.            Chaperones: Dr Jajawi will usually see you, alone at first, and then will be happy to ask your relative/friend/carer to join the consultation later. An accompanying chaperone is not compulsory, but the provision of a chaperone is the patient or carer’s responsibility. The patient must inform Dr Jajawi’s secretary, in advance, if they wish a chaperone to accompany them into the consultation room if they cannot bring a friend/relative or carer with them. During the assessment, there will always be an administrator present at reception.


6.           Patients under the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or nominated carer.

7.            Chronic and enduring psychiatric conditions: It may be more appropriate for the patient to be treated and supported by their NHS Community Mental Health Team or by another mental health professional (e.g. psychotherapist/counsellor). Dr Jajawi will advise if this is the case.

8.           Dr Jajawi will follow NICE guidelines and may recommend further investigations, psychotherapy or other interventions, if a patient’s symptoms persist over time.

9.           With your consent, the initial and follow-up clinic assessment letters will be sent to your GP or referrer. You will have a copy, and this will be sent to your email or postal address. Please note there maybe information in the letter that is uncomfortable to read. Confidential information will only be shared with your relative and/or carer with your consent.

10.       As per General Medical Council guidelines, it is a Doctor’s duty to enquire and/or report on any safeguarding issues. In some circumstances, Dr Jajawi may be obliged to contact third parties, such as, the local Safeguarding Board or Social Services. This is rare, and he will always discuss this with you first.

11.        Although this assessment is a private one, the standard of care and the quality of the assessment provided by Dr Jajawi, will be no different from the professional standard of work expected from an employee of the NHS.

12.       If you have any concerns or complaints about your consultation, please try to discuss this with Dr Jajawi or his secretary first, you can, however, contact your GP for advice, or the CQC directly.

13.        Dr Jajawi’s secretary can be contacted 8am to 9pm on 07932 382354 by phone or text or by email anytime on: secretary@drsj.co.uk

14.       For psychiatric emergencies, e.g. if you are feeling suicidal or considering serious harm to yourself, others, property, or if you are at risk from others, you should contact your GP or your GP Out of Hours Service, or 111, go directly to any A&E department or contact the NHS Mental Health Crisis Team in your area. The Lincolnshire Crisis Team can be reached 365 24/7 on 0303 123 4000, for Nottinghamshire it’s 0300 300 0131.

If you would like to speak with our team of consultant psychiatrists please use the button below.