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Accessing your ADHD or ASD Right to Choose with Dr J & Colleagues

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Are you stuck on the lengthy NHS waiting list?

Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for conditions such as ADHD, ASD and other neurological disorders, which are frequently seen as non-urgent or elective.

Adding to this concern, the NHS faces a severe shortage of specialist staff. You shouldn't have to choose between waiting to move up the list or paying higher costs for private insurance and private psychiatric services.

Instead, consider making use of your NHS Right to Choose (RTC) provision to take charge of your healthcare journey.

What Does the ADHD & ASD Right To Choose Under the NHS Regulation Entail?

  • You have the option to select your preferred practice for your first elective referral.

  • The chosen provider must hold a standard NHS contract.

  • The referral must be clinically appropriate and come from a GP.

  • If your GP or clinic admin doesn't offer you the RTC, you can reach out to your local ICB.

The key takeaway is this: if you're seeking consultant-led elective or mental health services such as ASD and ADHD treatment, you can choose your provider using your ADHD right to choose without needing prior approval from your local health service commission.

Why Is Using Your RTC Provision Important When Seeking ADHD & ASD Treatment?

If it's your first referral, employing your RTC means you're choosing a doctor who you trust can cater to your specific needs.

If you suspect you or your child may exhibit symptoms of ADHD or ASD, which you can assess using our Autism or ADHD screening test link, consider discussing your results with your GP and expressing your preference for a specific doctor or practice.

You may need to provide certain details about your chosen physician, found in this document folder. Download ADHD and ASD referral documents for Dr J & Colleagues

Circumstances Where ADHD & ASD RTC Provision May Not Be Applicable

There are scenarios where the RTC provision may not apply:

  • If you're already receiving mental health care for the same condition.

  • If you're under urgent (or crisis) care.

  • If you're receiving highly secure psychiatric care.

  • If your referral comes from your local health service commission (exceptions apply for cases from the Better Care Fund 'BCF' or Section 75).

  • If you're a serving member of the armed forces.

In essence, if you're already receiving in-patient care via the NHS, you may not qualify for the RTC provision.

However, you can still access this service through your local commission.

For example, if you're in Southwest or Southeast of Staffordshire, you might be able to select Dr J & Colleagues via the Staffordshire local care authority.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Your Right To Choose for ADHD & ASD Referrals at Dr J & Colleagues

Step 1 - Evaluate Your Symptoms

Start by completing the provided quiz to evaluate the likelihood of you having Autism or ADHD. Use the Autism and ADHD screening link above.

Step 2 - Interpret Your Results

Step 3 - Consult Your General Practitioner

Step 4 - Download Relevant Documents

Step 5 - Present Documents to Your GP

Step 6 - Wait for Application Review

Step 7 - Begin Receiving Care

Should you have more questions about RTC, waiting times, or the referral process at Dr J & Colleagues, please contact us either by email at or by phone at 01522454373 to speak with a staff member.

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