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Rebecca Wellington

Advance Clinical Pratitioner

Rebecca Wellington Dr J & Colleagues Private Psychiatry UK Consultant.jpg

With over two decades of experience as an advanced clinical practitioner, my journey has been deeply rooted in mental health nursing. My fervor lies in supporting neurodiverse individuals, especially those with ADHD and its co-occurring conditions. Drawing from extensive knowledge in substance misuse, mental health challenges, and primary care, I offer comprehensive and compassionate care to my patients.

In 2020, I pioneered a unique ADHD service tailored for the homeless in Yorkshire as part of a street health team. This groundbreaking initiative reflects my commitment to innovating care for often overlooked populations. My role as an advanced clinical practitioner has expanded within both NHS and private ADHD services. I'm a proud member of the NMC and RCN, always striving for professional brilliance. This commitment is underpinned by continuous professional development, ensuring my medical portfolio remains up-to-date and relevant.

My research contributions include offering ADHD services to the homeless and a notable dissertation on the intersection of adverse life events with homelessness. Additionally, my publications delve into substance use, sex work, and pioneering treatment research.

At the heart of my practice is the drive to make a transformative impact on individual lives. Whether through my leadership in street health teams or piloting ADHD health inclusion services, my mission remains consistent: to help individuals achieve their best lives. Beyond my professional endeavors, I cherish moments with my family and my beloved dog.

Since qualifying as an RMN in 2003, my experience spans across varied settings - from inpatient and intensive care mental health hospitals to community-based mental and substance misuse services. After achieving my non-medical prescriber qualification in 2018, I integrated within community mental health and substance misuse teams. My credentials further encompass a masters in advanced practice, roles in primary care catering to university and health inclusion populations, and specialized training in autism assessment, proficient in both ADOS and ADIR evaluations.

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