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Jewel Hussain

Pharmacist Independent Prescriber

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Jewel Hussain is a highly skilled Pharmacist Independent Prescriber, part of our esteemed healthcare team. Registered under GPHC number 2226990, Jewel brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to patient care.

Educational Background: Jewel graduated with a Master's in Pharmacy (MPharm) from the Medway School of Pharmacy in 2019, demonstrating a strong foundation in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care.

Professional registration and experience


After registering as a pharmacist in 2020, Jewel has continually upheld the highest standards of practice, as evidenced by an active GPHC registration. Jewel's experience spans across various settings, including primary care, community pharmacies, and remote healthcare services, showcasing versatility and a comprehensive understanding of patient needs.

Role and contributions


As a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber, Jewel plays a critical role in our team, providing expert assessments, accurate diagnoses, and effective medication management. Jewel's approach is patient-focused, ensuring personalized care and optimal therapeutic outcomes.

Commitment to excellence


Jewel is committed to staying at the forefront of pharmaceutical practice, embracing ongoing professional development to better serve our community in Essex. This dedication to excellence is evident in the quality of care provided to our patients.


Want Jewel to be part of your journey?


Jewel is a valuable asset to our team and is available for consultations regarding medication management and healthcare advice.

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