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Bolutife Abifarin

Pharmacist Independent Prescriber


Bolu Abifarin, an esteemed pharmacist independent prescriber MRPharmS, PGDip (ClinPharm), PGDip (ACP), PGCert (PsychPharm), stands out in the field with over a decade of dedicated service in the NHS, traversing both inpatient and community sectors. His career has been particularly distinguished in the realm of mental health and CAMHS, with a profound focus on ADHD.

In a notable tenure, Bolu spearheaded the Neurodevelopmental and Learning Disabilities Services within Kent CAMHS as the lead pharmacist. In this pivotal role, he not only oversaw the operational and strategic facets of the ADHD and ASD pathway but also directly managed an ADHD clinic. This involved conducting meticulous medication reviews, overseeing dose titrations, and ensuring vigilant physical health monitoring for his patients.

Bolu's academic journey is marked by a series of impressive achievements, beginning with his graduation from the prestigious UCL School of Pharmacy. He then pursued and excelled in a diploma in Clinical Pharmacy Practice, followed by a Certificate in Psychiatric Therapeutics, where he graduated with distinction. His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to recently qualify as an advanced clinical practitioner, significantly broadening his professional capabilities.

As a member of the College of Mental Health Pharmacy (CMHP), Bolu remains at the forefront of the latest developments in mental health care. This commitment to continuous learning and development is a testament to his dedication to the field.

Bolu's expertise in medicines is complemented by his focus on simplifying complex medical information, making it accessible and comprehensible. This approach not only enhances the therapeutic relationship he fosters with his patients but also significantly improves their adherence to medication regimes. His patient-centric approach and depth of knowledge make him a distinguished figure in his field, deeply committed to enhancing mental health care practices

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