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Dr Yann Welton

Consultant Psychiatrist

dr yann welton.jpg

Graduating from Brighton and Sussex Medical School in 2010, Dr Yann swiftly transitioned into the realm of psychiatry by 2012. Throughout his esteemed career,


Dr Yann has served as a consultant psychiatrist in a variety of esteemed settings, including community mental health teams, crisis units, and inpatient wards. His fervour for adult ADHD became evident early on, leading him to delve into this specialised area in 2014. Since then, he has been unyielding in his commitment, seamlessly transitioning between in-person services and remote assessments.


Dr Yann is held in high regard for his exhaustive expertise and his genuine commitment to holistic patient care. With a keen focus on adult ADHD and vast experience spanning numerous clinical environments, he epitomises dedication and trustworthiness in the field of mental health care.

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