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Doctor's Desk


All of our fees are listed below for referrals, initial consultations and our Child & Adult Mental Health services.

Standard Fees

Initial Consultation 

Follow Up Consultation 


Repeat Prescriptions





Psychology Patient
Supporting Letter                £30

Adult & Child Mental Health Fees 

ADHD Assessment FEES :

Adult ADHD - 1 HOUR   Diagnostic Assessment and Report                 £350

Child ADHD - 2 HOURS Diagnostic Assessment and Report                 £700

Autism Assessment FEES :

Adults autism assessment - 1 hours consultant adult psychiatrist assessment and 1 hour assessment consultant psychologist assessment                           Contact us

Child Autism assessment - 2.5 hours Consultant Child and adolescent Psychiatrist assessment and 2 hour Consultant Psychologist assessment                 Contact us

Important Information

Fees are due 3 days prior to your appointment and can be settled by:

  • Debit or credit card 

  • Online banking

  • Cash on the day (your card details will be needed prior to your appointment , in order to secure your booking)

Patients with private medical insurance - fees will be invoiced directly to your insurer. Please make sure your policy will cover the full fees, if not, patients will be responsible for the shortfall. 

Please note the cancellation and non-attendance policy is explained , in full, in the terms and conditions available to download.
Please use this link to sign up for direct debit details https://pay.gocardless.com/AL000343TZAYYZ
If you need more information from any of our consultant Psychiatrists please use the button below