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Fees – Simplified 

If you need an assessment for your health, it usually takes one hour and costs £395.00. You have to pay this before your appointment. This price includes a letter from the doctor about your health and what treatments might help, and if needed, they'll also tell you if you have a certain health condition.

Sometimes, you might have to pay extra fees after your assessment. For example, if you and the doctor agree that you need medicine, you'll get a bill for that. 

If you don't fill out your forms on time, or if your meeting with the doctor goes over an hour, or if the doctor has to spend a lot of extra time on things like reading your notes, you might have to pay more. But, this depends on what the doctor decides. 

NHS Funding 

You can choose to have an appointment with us using your NHS right to choose. We are approved by the CQC to work with the NHS. 

The rules say that you can pick any health service that's right for you in England, as long as they have an agreement with the NHS. We have an agreement to provide NHS-funded help for adults with ADHD in England. You can learn more about patients choice in mental healthcare here (link to NHS website)

You can find out how to get NHS funding using your right to choose here

Standard Fees   

Supporting Letter
Repeat Prescriptions
Follow-up Consultation
Initial Consultation Child
Initial Consultation Adult

ADHD Assessment Fees

Follow-up appointment for up to 30 minutes
Child ADHD assessment up to 2 hours (Only assessment)(if you need treatment then Follow up appointment charge applies)
Adult ADHD assessment up to 1 hour (Only assessment)(if you need treatment then Follow up appointment charge applies)

ASD Assessment Fees

Child ASD assessment


Adult ASD assessment

Important Information

Fees can be settled by:

  • Debit or credit card 

  • Online banking

Please note the cancellation and non-attendance policy is explained in full, in the terms and conditions available to download.

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