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Doctor's Desk


All of our fees are listed below for referrals, initial consultations and our Child & Adult Mental Health services.

Standard Fees

Initial Consultation Adult

Initial Consultation Child

Follow Up Consultation 


Repeat Prescriptions






Psychology Patient
Supporting Letter                £30

Adult & Child Mental Health Fees 

ADHD Assessment FEES :

Adult ADHD - 1 HOUR   Diagnostic Assessment and Report                 Contact us

Child ADHD - 2 HOURS Diagnostic Assessment and Report                 Contact us

Autism Assessment FEES :

Adults autism assessment - 1 hours consultant adult psychiatrist assessment and 1 hour assessment consultant psychologist assessment                           Contact us

Child Autism assessment - 2.5 hours Consultant Child and adolescent Psychiatrist assessment and 2 hour Consultant Psychologist assessment                 Contact us

Important Information

Fees can be settled by:

  • Debit or credit card 

  • Online banking

  • Cash on the day (your card details will be needed prior to your appointment , in order to secure your booking)

Please note the cancellation and non-attendance policy is explained , in full, in the terms and conditions available to download.

Please use this link to sign up for direct debit details https://pay.gocardless.com/AL000343TZAYYZ
If you need more information from any of our consultant Psychiatrists please use the button below