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NHS Right To Choose is only for adults

Please ask the GP to send a 'GP REFERRAL LETTER' to us with your referral. 

Doctor's Desk

Begin Your ADHD or Autism Right to Choose Journey with
Dr J & Colleagues

Early diagnosis is a pivotal step on the path to better mental health. Bypass lengthy waiting lists and embrace personalised care tailored to your ADHD or Autism needs.

ADHD Right To Choose

Explore your rights to personalized ADHD care with Dr J & Colleagues. Navigate through options that prioritize your unique needs, fostering a supportive environment for better mental health management.

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Private ADHD Diagnosis

Explore the advantages of private practice with Dr J & Colleagues. Unfold the essence of personalized care, shorter waiting times, and a patient-centric approach in nurturing your mental health journey.

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ASD Right To Choose

How much do you know about tailored Autism care at Dr J & Colleagues? Exercise your right to choose a treatment plan that resonates with your individual circumstances, paving the path for improved understanding and support.

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Navigating Your ADHD Journey

Not sure how to access your right to choose right for ADHD? Learn how Dr J & Colleagues can help you though your application phase.

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NHS Right To Choose

Understand your rights within the NHS framework for making informed choices in your psychiatric care. Discover how Dr J & Colleagues uphold these rights, offering a bridge to tailored mental health solutions.

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Role of Private Practice in Right To Choose

Discover the pivotal role of private practice in exercising your right to choose within the UK mental health framework. Unveil how Dr J & Colleagues embody this role, offering a gateway to personalized, patient-driven psychiatric care.

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Consultations are held at:
Regus, Cromwell house,
Off Tritton road 
Crusader road,
Lincoln, LN6 7YT
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