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Navigate Your ADHD Journey: The Power of Choice in the UK

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

right to choose adhd

Navigating the realm of ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) can often feel like venturing into a maze.

Each turn represents decisions about who to consult, where to seek help, and how to manage your symptoms.

If you're residing in the UK, the Right to Choose empowers you on this journey, ensuring your path through the ADHD maze is led by your own informed choices.

Your Map to Managing ADHD

ADHD, a neurodevelopmental disorder, manifests through persistent patterns of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It can don different masks - Predominantly Inattentive, Predominantly Hyperactive/Impulsive, or a Combined Presentation. Understanding these faces of ADHD is your first step towards tailoring a management plan that suits you.

Choice: Your Compass in ADHD Management

In the UK, the Right to Choose is your compass in the ADHD management maze. It allows you to pick your healthcare provider, treatment methods, and even the medication that aligns with your needs. Your choice could be a blend of medications, behavioural therapies, or lifestyle alterations. Every individual with ADHD is unique, and having the ability to choose ensures your treatment resonates with your personal circumstances.

Transformative Choices: Your Milestones

Transformative choices are like milestones on your ADHD journey. They embody the empowering options available to you, aiming to enhance your care and treatment. This includes seeking support groups, choosing alternative providers, or advocating for timely referrals. Each choice you make marks progress on your path to better managing ADHD.

Dr J & Colleagues: Your Trusted Guide

Concerned about your ADHD symptoms? Dr J & Colleagues await to be your trusted guide in this journey. We abide by the Right to Choose, providing a compassionate space for your ADHD assessment and treatment. Reach out to us, and let’s unfold the map to your personalized ADHD management plan together.

The Right to Choose: A Passage to Empowerment

When you exercise your Right to Choose, you not only tailor your ADHD management but also contribute towards a broader understanding and awareness of ADHD. It’s more than just a personal choice; it’s a step towards bettering ADHD care and acceptance in society.

Quick Takeaways:

✅ The Right to Choose is your legal prerogative in the UK to tailor your ADHD treatment. ✅ Dr J & Colleagues are here to guide you through your choices, ensuring a personalized, effective ADHD management plan.

✅ Your choices are steps towards not only better personal care but also enhanced ADHD awareness and acceptance.


  • How to exercise the Right to Choose? Download the ADHD RTC form, amend a letter to your GP, and request a referral to Dr J & Colleagues under the Right to Choose system.

  • What’s needed for a referral? A cover letter from your GP, a brief medical summary, and the completed ADHD RTC form.

Your journey through the ADHD maze need not be daunting. With the Right to Choose and Dr. J & Colleagues by your side, every choice you make leads you towards better understanding and managing your ADHD. Your power to choose is your torchlight in the maze of ADHD management.

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