Many of us face reactions to stress which are common among many however, for some anxiety is not something that is manageable and can affect daily life psychical and mental way.


There are different types of Anxiety therefore it is important that a person is to receive the right diagnosis so the correct treatment plan can be put in place.

Common types of Anxiety include

Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Depression and  Anxiety

Social anxiety

Obsessive compulsive disorder – is a form of anxiety where the sufferer develops strategies in which to try and manage underlying anxiety this could be routines which can be physical or mental.

When these routines begin to take over daily these are then known as compulsions.

Treatment options

General treatment options can include medication for altering chemical balance within the brain and talking therapy .Our doctors can provide assessment for suffers deciding on the right course of treatment for the patient.

Anxiety can also be experienced with other mental health conditions such as depression and substance abuse. Other conditions may need to be identified before anxiety can be treated.

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