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Dr Guy Rayfield

Adult Psychiatry

Dr. Rayfield's unique dual qualification in pharmacy and medicine sets him apart in the field of psychiatry. He completed his Master's degree in Pharmacy at the University of London in 2001, working in the sector before pursuing a further Master's degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Liverpool, which he obtained in 2012. Following this, he committed seven years to serving in the NHS.

Dr. Rayfield now specialises in all facets of adult psychiatry, with a particular clinical interest in psychopathology and psychopharmacology. He currently works in an acute inpatient unit in Norfolk, applying his extensive knowledge and experience to provide top-tier psychiatric care.

He is a respected Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and has earned a Certificate of Completion of Training in General Adult Psychiatry from the General Medical Council. Dr. Rayfield also fulfils the role of a Responsible Clinician and holds Section 12 Approval, enabling him to make critical decisions under the Mental Health Act. His broad expertise and deep commitment to psychiatry drive his professional efforts to improve patient outcomes in his community.

Dr Guy Rayfield
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