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Autism Spectrum Disorder is a prevalent mental health disorder in Nottingham. 

The government of Nottingham website has put together a very helpful video called hidden voice showcasing people with autism. Their life, career, and how they are getting help with autism. 


One thing you should know is that being autistic does not equal an illness or disease. It is a neurological condition (either structural, electrical, or biochemical) that makes your brain work differently from others. 


We have a wide range of blogs covering this condition and ADHD in our blog section.

How do you get help from a private psychiatrist in Nottingham?


If you have been diagnosed with this condition or you have displayed symptoms as described here, you may need to contact your GP in Nottingham who might give you a referral to us. 

But if you wish to contact us directly for diagnosis and treatment of autism, you can do so by calling us. Contact us below or Get in touch.


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