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Report says 9.7% of all registered patients in Doncaster are those with depression. The report also showed it increased by 2.8%, which is worrying. The stigma around mental health issues was reported as the primary cause of the rise in the diagnosis. But what is even more challenging is the time it takes to get these diagnoses.


Why should you talk to a private psychiatrist in Doncaster?


Dr J and Colleague is a private psychiatrist in Doncaster. And our psychiatrists are part of the NHS - providing service to the NHS. As a great institution, the NHS works for everyone - albeit not the only option. Especially when it's a mental health condition. Such as depression, ADHD, bipolar, Asperger syndrome, etc.


What does this mean? Unfortunately, you would have to be ill to get a mental health-related service from the NHS. Even when you get one, doctors are not mental health experts.


Whatever is bothering you (or anyone else near you), we have specialist psychiatrists. They will provide you with the proper diagnosis. And recommendations for the most effective treatment.


The top reasons people prefer private psychiatrists in Doncaster


  • It's always quicker than waiting around to see an NHS doctor


  • You'll be seeing a GMC Registered psychiatrist of your preference


  • You can keep it private, even from family and friends.


In contrast to seeing a medical doctor who would conduct a physical examination. A psychiatrist would listen to you and discuss your condition with you in minutes. This means you can get a consultation without a physical meeting. Of which studies have shown to be beneficial.


One of the most significant advantages of online consultations is thus. You can sit at ease in the privacy of your own space and make an appointment at the most suitable time.


The cost for an individual consultation through Dr J and Colleagues


If your medical insurance covers you, we'll collaborate with most providers. Who are in the position of covering all or part of the cost of your treatment. Aside from that, our service at Dr J and Colleagues is cost-effective.


The formal consultation lasts an hour with our psychiatrists. After which, you'll receive a report. Which contains the official diagnosis options, our suggestions, and a treatment plan.


We will discuss the specifics of this with you during the initial consultation. There may be extra charges, for example, when we can prescribe medication. Yet, we will inform you about them during the consultation. You can find a complete description of our fees here.


Get in touch. If you'd like more details, you're encouraged to complete the initial inquiry form. And someone will call you back.


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