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According to Mental Health Watch Lincolnshire, the admission rate for self-harm children and young people between the ages of 10 and 24 years in Lincolnshire compared to the moving average in England increases year on year by 1.9%. 

While this is a fair moving average, it is good to note that mental health challenges do not manifest outrightly, they develop as the child grows into adulthood. 


Dropping your child off at the nursery, for example, can induce stress to the child and even you as a parent. 

Image of a child's first day in school. seperation anxiety


You may clearly see this in form of an increase in crying and tantrum, nightmare and fears at bedtime, and more. As a parent, you may start becoming agitated and losing control of your temper. 


All these are some instances that may lead to serious mental health issues like phobia, anxiety, and even ADHD

Get help with a private psychiatric diagnosis

Image of a doctor diagnosing a child

Getting a private psychiatric diagnosis can help you know what you should do differently. The significance of this is that it will help both you and the child get some personal awareness and help you understand the best way to deal with the situation. 


Our team of GMC-certified psychiatrists has a combined 20 years of experience helping patients with mental health challenges and would love to join you in your journey toward your mental health awareness and diagnosis.


We are located in Lincoln and you can book an appointment with us below or on our contact us page.


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