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Private Psychiatrist Newcastle

Your mental health is your make-up as a human. It is what defines how people perceive you and relate with you. Your mental health is a crucial aspect of your general health condition and a defining factor for your wellbeing. 


Having good mental health can mean more. Good sleep, relationships with family members, and how you communicate and understand. 


In Newcastle, an estimated 18.9% of the population aged 16 and above have a common mental disorder (CMD), and the council has partnered with private providers to promote mental health. Focusing on combating the stigma associated with the condition through several interventions. 


What can you do to improve your mental health condition?

Psychiatrist research suggests that people can do things to enhance their mental health conditions, from psychological and physical to mindfulness and social.

  • Connecting with others - increased connection means spending time with the people that matter the most. Like with colleagues, friends, and members of your family.

  • Getting active - hobbies such as cycling, swimming, football, and other outdoor games can be a great source of positive feelings and connect with others. You should find an activity group around your neighbourhood in Newcastle to join.

  • Keep learning - when you have something to contribute, it increases your feeling of self-worth, which is a by-product of increased learning. By engaging in active learning, you increase your knowledge and can positively affect your self-esteem. You find a library or reading society to be part of in Newcastle.

  • Giving to others - you may not be the best of yourself, but stepping out to serve others can give you a sense of fulfillment, which research says can increase your mental wellbeing. So you want to seek a cause within your community and be a part of it.

  • Mindfulness - we respond to situations differently. Some people get excited about throwing banters, but it can be not comforting for others. This includes normal activities such as hiking. Know your triggers and do well to avoid them.

How do you get help with your mental health condition in Newcastle?

According to the Newcastle government website, you need to get in touch with your GP. they can help you when you experience symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.


Your GP will diagnose you to determine if you would need a psychiatrist admission or not. If you need a psychiatrist, they would recommend you to an NHS private practice psychiatrist in Newcastle. You may be required to cover the private practice fee, or you can cover it with your medical insurance.


The only challenge is that most GPs are doctors, and professionally they are not psychiatrists or psychologists. The reason why they refer mentally challenged patients to private psychiatrists in Newcastle. 


How to get private psychiatrist help with Dr J and Colleagues?


Contacting a psychiatrist directly is easier and faster than going through your GP. You can get your diagnosis in minutes and a scheduled follow-up diagnosis after that with a private psychiatrist. 


Dr J and Colleagues are best rated as compassionate and result-based consultant psychiatrists across the UK and Newcastle. You can get a diagnosis done virtually via our Zoom and Teams conferencing.


Get in touch with a GMC-certified and award-winning psychiatrist in the UK today.


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