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Private Psychiatrist Leicester


Did you know that the Leicester City Council reported that around 19% of the adult population live with a common mental health problem? These conditions include depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder, far from the national average for conditions such as ADHD. Women suffer the most from these conditions in Leicestershire.


The council has partnered with private mental health services to offer preventive support. Meant to instill resilience across the county. Promoting ideas and events to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health within the population. Preventive measures have proven to be reliable. With curbing the widespread stigma surrounding mental health issues. But cannot replace psychiatrist diagnosis and treatment for those suffering from this condition.


What does this mean?


It’s vital to get an expert diagnosis for any mental health condition. The council recognises how important this is in supplementing their effort, which they have set out in their roadmap. To manage mental health conditions within Leicestershire. As a result, began the approval process of the list of Approved Mental Health Capacity Professional (AMCP) services in April 2022. With procurement beginning in October 2022. Also, the council is putting together a mental health Well-being and Recovery Support Service, which will be operational by October 1, 2022.


These are fantastic interventions by the council. But while we await the full rollout of these services. It would help if you did not second guess your mental health condition. Early diagnosis is very crucial for an optimised living condition. Also, even when the service becomes functional - the council would still need to partner with private providers.


Private psychiatrists in Leicester would remain in the picture as they are GMC-certified professionals and consultants. Trusted by the NHS and providing service for the NHS.


How do you get help with a Private Psychiatrist in Leicester?


You can get expedited diagnosis and treatment for your mental health condition with the help of a private consultant. You can do this through your GP referral, specifying Dr J and Colleagues as your preferred. Or your GP can do the referral themself.


Also, You can contact a private psychiatrist in Leicestershire. And you would get the help you need sooner than expected.


Dr J and Colleagues are private psychiatrists based in Lincolnshire. We offer services across the UK, including Leicester. One of the widely and well-rated private psychiatrist services in the UK


See our reviews on Google and Get in touch to see how much help we can be for you.


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