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Private Psychiatrist Staffordshire

Do you have challenges with your mental health and think you may be at risk of common issues like ADHD, Autism and even depression? 


Mental health issues require urgent medical attention as you may put your loved ones at risk if you do not seek help. 

How do you know if you have a mental health issue? 

Mental health conditions are quite delicate and complex than a physical injury for example. But there are ways to know when your condition needs to be examined. 


If you recently experienced a change in your mood. If the changes become more frequent and intense then it’s a sign you may be suffering from a mental health condition. 


Your condition can decline into seeking to be alone, feeling lonely and total withdrawal from family and friends. If you do not seek help on time. 


Such situations can be diagnosed as depression and mood disorder mostly among adults. But there are quite other mental health conditions that affect children and can lead to a dysfunctional future for these dear kids if not diagnosed and treated on time. 


Conditions such as ADHD and Autism are some mental health conditions prevalent in children. Getting help with these conditions would go a long way in helping your child improve their performance in school and life.

How do you get help with a Private Psychiatrist Staffordshire

If you find yourself in this state, thankfully we have created different systems. One is our ADHD online test where you can help your child do the quiz. And the result provides you a good guess on your decision in helping your child with ADHD and even autism.


If you have done the test and have concerns with your child’s condition. You should get in touch with us for advice. Alternatively you should get in touch with your GP.

Dr J and Colleagues is Commissioned for Adult ADHD in Staffordshire

Your GP can refer you to our service for adult ADHD assessment and treatment fully funded through the NHS. As we are commissioned for adult ADHD in Staffordshire. 


Click here to learn more about our our free mental health treatment sponsored by the NHS.


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