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One in four people in Stock on Trent suffers from mental health challenges such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, psychotic illness, etc.


It is such a prevalent situation in the county with Staffordshire included.


Mental health issues vary and can affect how people with a condition work, and how others perceive them. It is possible for others to shy away from associating and even working with people with such conditions.


However, the county’s government have taken a firm position in helping individuals with such condition. You can access a range of services such as learning from the different awareness programs and interventions. Including how individuals can get help when they need it.


A key aspect of the care for all ages in Stock on Trent county’s mental health program is facilitating a shared care update between GPs and private psychiatrists, including other specialists.


Your case would progress through to a psychiatrist if you have been diagnosed or have shown a bit of psychological and or physiological symptoms of a mental health condition.


In this case, a psychiatrist in Stock on Trent for example would need to administer or diagnose you for the special condition that you have been referred for before commencing a treatment program with you.


For some individuals, it is a bit of a process and would prefer to ring a psychiatrist directly for diagnosis and possible treatment. 


If you’re in such a position, you can reach out to us on our contact form below or check our contact us page for more info.


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